意思 調和

Waterfall? Why don’t we keep going on?

Black cats get over the water Fall elegantly

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

We are black cats.

Elegance is our pride of hearts even in front of the waterfall

意思 触れる

Cats on the Frozen road in the winter morning.

Black cats on the wonder frozen road.

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

Cats don’t hesitate to walk on a frozen road.

They have paws.


Getting over the snow winter in the wild

Ducks withstand the winter with cats

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

On the cold snowy day…, bear the cold wind sitting on the ground, but I have a heavy feathers.

A cat on my bottom?

生命 調和

Sleeping like meditation on the Tempel terrace

Black cats meditating on the Buddhist temple

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

Cats sleep all day like in heaven, meditating on the Tempel’s terrace on a winter day.


Lunch, udon, and winter, perfect

Black cats ready for the udon.

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

Hummm, cozy time with udon

時間 瞑想

Waiting for the summer, while in the winter

Dreaming Black cats in the forest

Sleeping in the forest, on the branch under the warm sunlight

It’s my dream from my childhood

Can you see several cats in the forest?

We are a family of cats, lying on the branch where our world is.

I sleep deeply

No one can bother me

Whole of my heart is in the dream where I also sleep

On the cozy bed with cats decorations

Sleeping in the dream, relaxing on the branch in the forest

It’s a privileged place for cats

Have you found cats on the branch while birds whispering ?

We are friends of birds while sleeping in the forest

I am satisfied with my life thankfully

No one can get me up

White blind on my eyes, I see nothing, smelling the leaves in my dream

On the most luxurious bed in the world

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

意思 生命 食べ物

Ramen, my life, cats life, food for the heart

Black cats sit at the side of ramen

It’s time to eat

Cat lives for it

Before my eyes, it lies on the table

The flavor confuse my heart, but I feel good like in the heaven

I lips it, drink it, bite it,

swallow the one bawl of the ramen.

It’s food to live forever

It let cats be the king of animal.

After my foot prints, it runs along with me

The tastes encourages me to be brave and smart

I watch, touch, and chew it,

flowing in the all kind of feelings that cats can perceive

It’s food to be cats, cute cats

After I finished it

I stretch my body like ramen nudle

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

意思 生命 食べ物

Hungry for the lunch, it’s time for cats.

Black cats eat the lunch in the Chinese restaurant

Hummm, humming, walking secretly

Suddenly, My stomach makes noises

I cannot wait for the lunch, though I let show myself

I cannot go slowly on this way

Jump, rush, running to the Opfer

Honestly, I’m crazy for human meals.

I cannot but to eat sweat desert to my face.

I lick my lips before the Chinese Stier fried veritables

Bite, swallow, gulp the hot meal

Luckily, I had a good lunch time and am glad for it .

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

宇宙の運動 意思

Can I reach there? Run and jump into the sky

Black cat jumping to the moon

Can I reach there?

Hope to dance with rabbits there

Running and jumping into the sky

Rabbits already made this jump successfully

Stretching my body

I Viewing everything below

I looking up to the goal

Rabbits call me from there

Singing and humming

The sky hugging me and the moon is now to my face.

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村