A moss building in the sky, it’s ecological.

A clear blue sky on a winter day.

Through the buildings, there is an endless field.

We Fly, swim, and dance there.

But an imaginary changes the scene.

It opens a new world in the sky.

We have two fields in our minds.

The Green moss garden in the winter blue air.

@shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan

#moss #shinsaibashi #buildings #sunnyday


Snow frozen garden over the sky

This week we had a lot of snow.

Over 10 cm snow on the road we had only before 5 years.

Cold but fun in the white world.

But in the garden trees wear the snow freaks on their branches like leaves.

See under the trees.

The Sky expands themselves for the roots to fertile them.

Original pictures are taken in Kyoto, Japan.

@Nijo castle garden.


A snow castle with sky cats

A lot of snow this winter.

A white world, everything in your eyes.

With an old castle gate, cats walk there.

Seeing a sky through them.

The blue sky is waiting for us behind the winter cloud.

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村


Dance on the white field like an angel

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

Who can dance on the cloud?

Angels do it, allowed by God.

Also, cats can do, but only black cats.

They are witches.

They dance, fly and sleep in the higher sky!

And they overview the world under the cloud.

They rule the world.

@daimonji Kyoto Japan

Regarding the mountain, here you have a good view from the top of the mountain.


A white world, black body, the best contrast

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

A white world.

Everything is white, or gray.

Silent, calm, and the snow falling.

Cold but feel warmth in my body.

I’m a black cat in the white world.

I left my footprints but they don’t have color.

I’m a black cat Under the blue sky.

The blue, it’s my imagination.

@Nijo Kyoto Japan


Without any roof, but it’s my home in the snow

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

This winter has a lot of snow.

Every Sunday it snowed and everything turns out white.

I’m always white, but you can see under the sky.

I live here without a roof, though the wind bleed.

It’s my home given by the nature.

My ancestors live in the same way.

So I keep this style.

But I’m satisfied with it and feel free.

Ah, the black one came to me.

But I’m not surprised by it, because it is my friend in nature.

A real friend. A real being in the free life.

@shinsenen, Kyoto, Japan ,

時間 聴く

Snowy music. Snow freaks sound while I make music with snow

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

Snow day.

The best day of the year.

You know, snow makes fun for all

If it is a little.

Snow freaks sound when they touch the ground.

I hear it.

As well as I make sounds with my foots.

I walk and step on the snow and the music starts.

Snow winter music.

Cats know it as they go ahead alone and secretly in the park.

@kyoto, Japan, birds park


A Jump higher than the building

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

Cats can jump better than any other animal.

Cats can jump into the sky, but touch down safely.

Cats can hop between the buildings.

Cats don’t hesitate to walk in the air.

@Umeda, Osaka, Japan


A black cat in the dark night, a fire

Can you see me?

I’m also here, even in the black night.

Next to the fire, I gaze at it.

The Dark night, brilliant fire let us be wild.

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村


On a rural field, alone and sadness

loneliness and anxiety, but go ahead…

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村