About this website

Hello, everyone.

Suddenly, I hit on an idea to create clothes and teacups decorated with my picture arts.

I usually take pictures of various kinds such as trees on streets or buildings in the town, flowers, sky, animals and so on.

They are stored in my clouds and sometimes I watch them on my screen.

However, I am not satisfied with it. I hope to be with my pictures of nature, moss, or flowers.

It is beautiful to live with them and it will make me relaxed.

So, how can I realize it? An answer: to publish real items such as T short or teacups.

Then, if I donate some amount of money from the earnings,

I could protect the nature of the earth or help animals in the wild field.

For reaching this purpose, it takes a lot of time, but it’s beautiful to live with a healthier nature by donating my picture arts of nature.

I try to do my best and constantly add new works, at first picture arts.

In the near future, I introduce you to the first product.

Hope you get interested in my posts for a long time.