If a little tree on the river.

If a little tree on the river?

The sky is sunk in the gray and the building stands silent,

But only the tree is shining brightly in the too much-ordered world.

Like a tree, we can break the old order out to see the new sky.

A little tree will live in the long future and the river has been flowing since the ancient past.

But, the Oder?

We can endeavor to the new world getting over the existing outdated one.

The tree gives us the power for it.

Kamogawa, Kyoto, Japan

Photo at the Kamogawa river and was modified by Komatanuki


A bird on the moss field.

Is it a real bird or a shadow on the moss field?

The bird silently sees something there.

The moss wraps its legs up softly and hides its being.

Perhaps the bird will find prey soon.

Waiting for a long time, its patience is surprising.

But the moss gives us a hint of its appearance at the bottom.

A battle starts between the bird and preys out of the view.

Hope both of them live but nature has its system.

Moss @kokedera Kyoto Japan

The bird @okazaki park Kyoto Japan

Pictures taken by Komatanuki and modified.


A flower path towards a railway

A sweat and bright fragrance, you sensed.

Looking up to the sky, flowers there are.

A railway is constructed among the houses but towards the flowers.

We can go where we are friends with nature.

Not towards the city, but to the new place where we make a new railway.

A brilliant future with nature.

@okazaki park Kyoto Japan


A wild flower growing up over the buildings.

We rarely see wildflower fields in the city.

But, you can imagine that we have them over the head.

We can cultivate the sky and finally realize a flower field in the city concrete world.

It’s a really suitable place for human beings, who are a part of nature.

Flowers let us go to such a future life!

This picture is taken in Osaka, Japan. The flower is in Kyoto.

Modified by Komatanuki.

@osaka japan


A sky river in the snow garden: Picture arts.

Which is the real world, the blue sky or snow trees.

The green leaves represent the wish of snow trees in the garden.

They wish they would have green blight leaves under the sun.

But now, it’s time to wait for it and prepare for growing up.

The wish makes the snow trees stronger,

while they enjoy their rest time in the winter with a happy dream.

Until the blue sky and warm sunlight wake them up,

They preserve the energy to start the new stage.

@Katsura Kyoto Japan


A handprint made a green window: Picture arts

A handprint curved on the white pallet.

It made a window to the leaves of the spring.

Could you go through the window from where we still have snow?

Cats are good at to do that.

The time and space don’t hesitate them to leap out of.

But, If you grab the tail of cats,

you would feel the power, that bring you to another world.

@what is the space and time

#cats #spaceandtime #snow #leaves #leap #kyoto #japan #spring


A moss building in the sky, it’s ecological.

A clear blue sky on a winter day.

Through the buildings, there is an endless field.

We Fly, swim, and dance there.

But an imaginary changes the scene.

It opens a new world in the sky.

We have two fields in our minds.

The Green moss garden in the winter blue air.

@shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan

#moss #shinsaibashi #buildings #sunnyday


Snow frozen garden over the sky

This week we had a lot of snow.

Over 10 cm snow on the road we had only before 5 years.

Cold but fun in the white world.

But in the garden trees wear the snow freaks on their branches like leaves.

See under the trees.

The Sky expands themselves for the roots to fertile them.

Original pictures are taken in Kyoto, Japan.

@Nijo castle garden.


A snow castle with sky cats

A lot of snow this winter.

A white world, everything in your eyes.

With an old castle gate, cats walk there.

Seeing a sky through them.

The blue sky is waiting for us behind the winter cloud.

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村


Dance on the white field like an angel

PVアクセスランキング にほんブログ村

Who can dance on the cloud?

Angels do it, allowed by God.

Also, cats can do, but only black cats.

They are witches.

They dance, fly and sleep in the higher sky!

And they overview the world under the cloud.

They rule the world.

@daimonji Kyoto Japan

Regarding the mountain, here you have a good view from the top of the mountain.