時間 瞑想

Waiting for the summer, while in the winter

Dreaming Black cats in the forest

Sleeping in the forest, on the branch under the warm sunlight

It’s my dream from my childhood

Can you see several cats in the forest?

We are a family of cats, lying on the branch where our world is.

I sleep deeply

No one can bother me

Whole of my heart is in the dream where I also sleep

On the cozy bed with cats decorations

Sleeping in the dream, relaxing on the branch in the forest

It’s a privileged place for cats

Have you found cats on the branch while birds whispering ?

We are friends of birds while sleeping in the forest

I am satisfied with my life thankfully

No one can get me up

White blind on my eyes, I see nothing, smelling the leaves in my dream

On the most luxurious bed in the world

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