If a little tree on the river.

If a little tree on the river?

The sky is sunk in the gray and the building stands silent,

But only the tree is shining brightly in the too much-ordered world.

Like a tree, we can break the old order out to see the new sky.

A little tree will live in the long future and the river has been flowing since the ancient past.

But, the Oder?

We can endeavor to the new world getting over the existing outdated one.

The tree gives us the power for it.

Kamogawa, Kyoto, Japan

Photo at the Kamogawa river and was modified by Komatanuki


A wild flower growing up over the buildings.

We rarely see wildflower fields in the city.

But, you can imagine that we have them over the head.

We can cultivate the sky and finally realize a flower field in the city concrete world.

It’s a really suitable place for human beings, who are a part of nature.

Flowers let us go to such a future life!

This picture is taken in Osaka, Japan. The flower is in Kyoto.

Modified by Komatanuki.

@osaka japan